Year 2009

Worshipful Master: John Paradiso
Senior Warden: John Moore
Junior Warden: Robert Keyser
Treasurer: Dale Prichard / Earl Scott
Secretary: Vic Tenison
Senior Decon: Marvin Hoover
Junior Decon: Michael Clark
Senior Steward: Pal Giepel
Junior Steward: Cory Trotter
Marshall: James Morgan
Chaplain: Art Robare
Tyler: Tommy Atkins

District Deputy: Jim Morgan
Master Masons Initiated:

Masonic Passings: Brother Samuel Storts, Brother Herbert Dale Rodgers, WB Dale Prichard

50 Year Jewel:

The roof on the Clatskanie lodge was in disrepair and fund raising had been an ongoing event. WB Dale Prichard presented the lodge with a check for $8000 to assure that the roof repairs would take place. The roof repairs book place between March and April. Another long standing goal of the lodge was to install chair lifts to allow for easier access to the lodge room. This was also completed by the April meeting.