Year 2003

Worshipful Master: Art Robare
Senior Warden: Tomey Greer
Junior Warden: Ralph Winters
Treasurer: Oren Tweet
Secretary: Vic Tenison
Senior Decon: Paul Giepel
Junior Decon: Robert Keyser
Senior Steward: Jim Wolfenbarger / Scott Aldrich
Junior Steward: Ron Hahn

District Deputy: Dennis Short
Master Masons Initiated: Ronald Hahn

Masonic Passings: WB Donald Pomrohy Fluhrer, Brother Norman (Ted) Chapman, WB Elton (Red) Gamble, Brother Gordon Ernest Zerkle, Brother Ralph Bunting

50 Year Jewel: Brother Jim Clarke

A group of brothers traveled to Bend Lodge to attend a 100th Birthday of WB Harrison Eastman who grew up in Clatskanie and His father was the first secretary of Clatskanie Lodge
and the second Master of the lodge.
The brothers started the discussion of installing a chair lift to facilitate earier access to the lodge.
WB Earl Scott was presented with the Hiram award.
Due to the work on the Longview bridge a dispensation from Grand lodge was needed to change the time