Year 2000

Worshipful Master:Earl Scott
Senior Warden: Dennis Short
Junior Warden: Milton Roberts
Treasurer: Oren Tweet
Secretary: Vic Tenison
Senior Decon: Art Robare
Junior Decon: Red Gamble
Senior Steward: Jim Wolfenbarger
Junior Steward: Scott Gray
Marshall: Dale Prichard
Chaplain: Paul Giepel
Tyler: Bert Scott

District Deputy: Jim Wolfenbarger
Master Masons Initiated: Robert Keyser

Masonic Passings: MWB Monroe Morton III, Brother Orville Neal Collins, Brother Chester Shulda, WB Gail Haakinson

The cornerstone ceremony at the Columbia County Jail was layed by the Grand Lodge and was reported as being well attended.
The lodge was dark in July and August.
Two $500 dollar scholorships were presented and approved.
WB Haakinson passed away December 9th, he was to be given the Hiram award at the stated meeting in December